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Spoil Yourself is a luxurious but affordable range of bath and body products that are handmade in South Africa from natural materials. We support local suppliers wherever possible as we believe that the way to a better South Africa is to have a thriving local economy.


All the products we manufacture, are suitable for vegetarians, as we are vegetarians ourselves. We do not test our products on animals. We believe in cruelty-free living.


Customer appreciation:

Marga: Absolutely love the gorgeous fragrance of the milk bath that fills my bathroom and my soul. Takes me to another universe.

Yvette Ellis: I am an ardent fan of your products, just this last week I spend a small fortune at your shop. Whilst there, the friendly shop assistant told me that the Egyptian Nights fragrance will no longer be available. Needless to say, I proceeded to buy all the small bath sachets and big bath butter that you had left in conjunction with what I actually came into the shop for.

It saddens me sooooo very much about the Egyptian Nights!!!!! That fragrance makes me feel like the most beautiful woman and like such a lady. When using the milk bath I feel like I’m in a 5 star hotel bathroom, it really is THAT special. That was my ultimate favourite fragrance of all your products & it really is a shame that you can’t produce the product anymore.

I absolutely love all your products, from the milk bath, body scrub, body butter, foot cream, bath butter ( of which Egyptian Nights was my favourite) the stain stick and even the potpourri oils.

Your hand made soaps are another divine product. I use to get a very fine bumpy kind of rash on my upper right arm, which apparently is hereditary, my Mom got it and my sister also gets it. Since I’ve been using your soap I never get it anymore, it has disappeared completely.

So thank you very much for making such a stunning product!!!!


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Mondays to Fridays:  9am to 6pm

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Sundays & public holidays:  9am to 2pm

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