Building a new website

Having spent 28 years in various positions in the IT world, including as an IT programmer, one would think that I would have a really good modern website. Not so!

Orange Scrub Thumbnail

My son built our first website many, many years ago and in spite of threatening to get a new eCommerce website at the beginning of the last 5 years, it just didn’t happen. It is not that I am lazy. Nor unmotivated. Nor totally clueless 🙂 No, it is just that I always had more important things to do, like creating new products.

Well, all of that changed this year. Building an eCommerce website moved to the top of my priority list and I have been slogging and slouching late into the night. Many nights.

I also took the (foolish?) decision to take my own photos and went on a photography crash course. Fundamentals, Understanding Light etc. If you haven’t come across the CreativeLIVE website yet, I can highly recommend their very reasonably priced, but superb courses.  I now know that many, many more hours of practicing will be required to become an expert photographer, but in the mean time I am having a LOT of fun and hopefully the photos are an improvement on what we had before.

I sincerely hope that you will find the new website easy to navigate, informative and also enticing 🙂 Let me know what you think.