Soap making is a very addictive hobby and I get requests on a weekly basis for classes as more and more people are turning to using natural products.

I made my first batch in 1999 out of curiosity for the process. When I used my first soap, I was astounded at how much better it felt than any other soap I have used before. It remained a passionate hobby for a few years, until I realised I would rather do it full-time than remaining in my lucrative career in IT.

Turning a hobby into a business had many challenges and had a steep learning curve.

I had to learn how to make a good, safe soap consistently. I had to deal with and find solutions for the many things that can go wrong when making soap, experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

I hope to transfer as much as possible of the knowledge I acquired through the years, helping people to make their own products without the frustration I went through at times.

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