Natural deodorant – Fresh

Natural deodorant – Fresh



This fresh-smelling, natural deodorant will keep you smelling good for the whole day and is great for even the most sensitive skin. No need to reapply during the day.

FREE OF: aliminium, parabens and bicarb

DIRECTIONS: Rub a pea-size amount under each arm for a short while until it is mostly absorbed and enjoy an odour-free day.

Size: 50ml


  1. Pieterse Hanle

    From Facebook:
    The best ever deodorant, I Sweat excessive…. Hormonal, chubby and…. This deo keeps all day no smelly armpits or clothes, no residue on the clothes either. Well done to a great product – Liza

    I absolutely second that. We switched to this Deoderant when my husband was having allergic reactions to aerosol deoderants but i was concerned about sticky residue – ala roll on – but there is no residue and it works like an absolute charm! – Jacqueline

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