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Natural plant oils and butters make a rich, glorious face cream for dry and maturing skin. It soaks in quickly to nourish your skin cells. It can be used as day and night cream. For very dry skin, combine it with our face serum at night.

Ingredient highlights: avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, honey, olive oil, rooibos tea, vit e

Size: 50ml


  1. Jenny

    This rich and fragrant cream leaves my face and hands feeling beautifully nourished. I am also using it on my waist and hips where clothing rubs, to relieve that itchy winter condition. I took a tub in my backpack and it worked a treat for chapped face and hands when we hiked ‘the berg’ last weekend. It soothed our faces and healed those cracked, dry knuckles in no time at all. From now on its going to be part of my hiking ‘kit’. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

  2. Diane

    I have been using the rich face cream for just over a month and the difference is visibly noticeable. Recently a friend remarked that my skin was looking really beautiful. Being an aromatherapist myself it is important to me that I use a product that is made from natural ingredients and this cream fits the bill perfectly. My skin looks good and feels good and that makes me feel great. I intend to keep using this lovely product.

  3. Penny

    This cream is an absolute must to have. My skin is rough and dry and shows the years of abuse by sun damage and this magical cream has reversed so much of the damage. I also have used it on my arms on occasions to soothe excema. I always recomend it. Furthermore my daughter loves the one for oily skin. Try NEVER to be without it.

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