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All dogs will indeed go to heaven when washed with this gentle, fresh-smelling soap. It leaves coats shiny, skin moisturised and tails wagging.
From puppies to seniors, treat your best friend to a bath time delight. Dogs with sensitive skin will especially benefit from this gentle shampoo.

Store on the top shelf to keep out of reach of inquisitive noses – this delicious treat is not the edible kind.

Ingredient highlights: anti-flea oils, coconut oil, neem leaves, olive oil, parsley tea

Weight: 160g


  1. Cecilia

    We have a predominantly white Jack Russell terrier with an extremely sensitive skin. We have tried many products until we were introduced to the Spoil Your Pet natural dog shampoo. Not only has the skin irritation cleared completely but it appear that the dog actually stays longer clean. The added extracts also helps to keep them tick and flea-free year around, even coming from the farm!

  2. Elize

    This is the best present you can give your four-legged friend! It lathers well, smell so good, is very comfortable to use and is wonderful for a dull and flaky coat, I highly recommend it for any dog.

  3. Christine

    I’ve bought the soap for the first time a few years ago at the Irene Market, and ever since are so unhappy with myself when I run out of soap and have to buy liquid dog shampoo from the shelves! Our dogs have come and gone in the mean time, but our mutual love for the soap has stayed! It also appear to me that the dogs stay cleaner for longer, I love the smell and it keeps them tick and flea-free.

  4. Charmaine A E Elliott

    The smell, the ease of use and the anti-pest features make me rush back for more. So when my Biewer Terrier rolls in unmentionables in the Park I tackle the problem with this bar of soap – neutralising bad smells – and replacing it with heavenly smells. Rubbing the bar directly onto the offending areas keeps me safe from contact with the unpleasant smears and gets rid of them very quickly. A superb addition to the dog grooming kit

  5. Vandra wiehahn

    I’ve tried so many different dog shampoos in the past and this is by far the best product. It lathers on well and washes off easy and the fur is soft.

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